Updated the site some

Just wanted to let you know, after looking at other Dating sites and the cost per month from them, we are offering Lifetime Members ship to Love Connection for $24.99 and you will have full access with no limits on Friends, emails, blogs, chats and so on.  One thing I will say about the Blogs, if you Spam on it your account will de removed with no notice, that is why we shut off the blogs fro… Read all

Multi picture upload was added.Allow members select few image files and upload simultaneously instead of old-fashioned file by file upload.Get 1 year Gold Account for just updating your Profile over 90 %, all you need to do is update your profile, over 90% and a few Pictures and email me that you updated and I will upgrade you for FREE.
Today we added FACEBOOK LOGIN so now you can use you… Read all

Tell us what you want to see in The Love Connection Online site, we are open minded and looking for better ways to make this the Number 1 Dating site out there.
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